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SNA-NC Annual Conference Evaluation
We hope you have enjoyed the 2023 Annual Conference in Greensboro and that you are returning home prepared to care for the communities you serve all across North Carolina.  To ensure that our 2024 Annual Conference is a success, we need your input and comments.  Please help us by completing this evaluation and leaving it in the container provided on the registration table at the end of the conference.

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Please rate the following conference events using a score of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest: *Answer not required for all conference events.
Awards and Closing Ceremonies


Chapter Leadership Seminar

Culinary Arts/Creative Arts Awards

Culinary Arts- Where to Start

Delegate Assembly

Endowment Raffle

Entertainment- Sounds of DJ Rudd

First General Session/ Gina Shell

First Timer's Session

From Good to Great!

FUN Night

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and the Flow of Food

Healthy Kitchen, Healthy You

How to Plan and Implement a Successful Farm to School Event

How Welcoming Is Your School's Cafeteria?

Innovative Breakfast Programs Work for You!

LEAD to Succeed™ - How are Your Listening Habits?

LEAD to Succeed™ - How Do You Bring Value to the Workplace?

LEAD to Succeed™ - Personal Development

LEAD to Succeed™ - You and Your Network

LEAD to Succeed™ - Your Conflict Style Inventory

Liven Up the Lunch Line

Make It, Take It

Making the Best of Everyone’s Personality for Harmonious Teamwork

NCDA - The Secret Ingredient

New Horizons Trade Show

PP&L: A Silent Voice in a Noisy World

Pre-Conference – Culinary & Creative Arts

Pre-Conference – New School Nutrition Manager Workshop

Pre-Conference – Safe Plates For Food Managers, A Certified Food Protection Manager Course

Pre-Conference – The Administrative Review Process: An Approach to Collaborative Compliance

President’s Luncheon

Program Design


Second General Session

Smart Kitchen Budgeting

SNA / It’s Your Time

SNS Credentialing Exam

Speaking Up for Kids: School Meals for All in NC

Taking Care of the Person in the Mirror

The 411 on Becoming Certified, Credentialed or Both

The Art of Food and Cooking in School Nutrition


What You Need to Know About Farm to School

What’s the Scoop: Taking the Mystery Out of Kitchen Math

Why Can’t Everyone Just Get Along?

Yoga is the New Chocolate and Figure Friendly Too

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