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Educational Mini Sessions – Thursday, June 23, 2022
10:15 am – 11:15 am  Session 1
11:30 am – 12:30 pm   Session 2
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm   Session 3
3:15 pm – 4:15 pm   Session 4
“Make It, Take It”
Imer Smith, SNA-NC Nutrition Chair
Celebrate the Good Times: Make It, Take It is Back!
We're back, this session is always one of the most popular sessions at the conference. This year it is the goal of the Nutrition Committee to bring it all back and share creative ways to promote National School Lunch Week (NSLW), plus bring a craft back to share with your staff. NSLW is celebrated in October, and we want this school year to be the best ever. 
“Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion”
Reginald Ross, Operations Consultant, NCDPI-School Nutrition Division
This session will focus on how principles of diversity and inclusion are essential qualities for all leadership. It’s All of Us. Join me to get you thinking about how you can make a difference in the environments in which you lead. 
“NC-LAC and the PPL Committee”
Gretchen Wilson, SNA-NC PP&L Chair
Our legislatures can do WHAT?  Why do we need to know how Legislation works?  Well, your taxes are used to pay for a lot of things that laws dictate.  Choosing not to vote or not knowing who you are voting for can determine who your state and nation determine what to offer to whom and what to allow that you may disagree with.  Your voice matters.  Come and learn how a bill becomes a law and why you need to know more about how government works!  See you there. 
“Don't Feed the Trolls: Handling Negativity in the Comment Section”
Liz Roesel, Owner, SEA Level Social
Don't let the fear of negative comments prevent you from telling your story on social media. Learn how to handle negative comments, how frequently you can expect them and where you are more susceptible to receive them. We'll see real-life examples that will empower you to be an online advocate for your program and the entire school nutrition industry! 
“A Peek into NCDA&CS Food Distribution”  
 NCDA &CS Food Distribution
Please come and get to know your NCDA&CS Food Distribution Team as we give you a peek into our day-to-day operations.  During this session, we will focus on answering some of your most frequently asked questions about USDA Foods and NC Farm to School.
“Customer Service for Kids”
Gary Gay, Retired Food Distribution Director and Cindy Marion, Retired School Nutrition Director
This workshop will demonstrate how to cultivate an environment that will engage students and staff, increase meal participation, and enhance the workday for you!
“Where’s the Leak in your Cup”
Vincent Webb, Family and Consumer Science Assistant Agent, Guilford County
Do you ever feel like you have nothing to pour out of your cup? Do the stressors of life zap your energy?  Long hours at work and curveball-like challenges saturate most of our lives, but we can choose how we respond to them. There are some things that take from our cup that we have no control over and there are some that we have control over. In this session, participants will learn how managing and responding to stress can affect their overall health and wellness. They will learn healthy techniques to respond to stressful challenges and how to reduce the pressure of stress.  
“Blend Up a Positive Lunchroom Environment”
Regina Moseley, Area Family & Consumer Sciences Agent, Nash & Edgecombe Counties
Food is a necessity in life. Learn how you can utilize your lunchroom to “Blend Up Positivity in the Lunchroom” to teach youth the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity. Participants will learn about vision boards, how to host a kid’s health fair, and maybe do a little exercise on the blender bikes.
“Reimbursement to the Max” 
Cami Lewis, RD, Manager of Youth Wellness, The Dairy Alliance
Maintaining financial stability for School Nutrition Services requires creativity. Take your reimbursement to the max with The Dairy Alliance’s innovative milk and yogurt programs. We’ll share specifics on how to increase meal participation, boost consumption of nutritious dairy, and foster great relationships with students and staff. We’ll share tips and success stories of schools that have taken their reimbursement to the max!  
“Know your Audience, Find your Partners…Hunger is Real”
Brenda Watford, Retired School Nutrition Director
 This session will help you “think outside the box” when it comes to providing nutritious meals to your students and community.   If you can think it, you can do it.  Come learn about innovative ways that have been used in North Carolina. 
“How the Carolina Hunger Initiative, SFAs, DoorDash, and Rural Communities can Partner on Summer Meals”
Tamara C. Baker, Project and Communications Director, Carolina Hunger Initiative and Jessica Soldavini, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, UNC Gillings School of Public Health
The team will share how to engage local communities and leadership, customize promotion resources and host lively events promoting summer meals and starring the popular mascot, RayFSun. You will learn about an exciting new opportunity for free delivery: DoorDash is offering to provide deliveries at no cost to the meal sponsor between prep kitchens and meal sites! You will hear how CHI is RECRUITING COLLEGE STUDENTS FOR PAID INTERNSHIPS, with interns placed in the SFAs’ districts to help out! And much more…
“Sunflowers…Growing, Blooming, Glowing!” 
SNA of NC District Directors 
Great Leaders don’t set out to be a leader…they set out to make a difference! SNA is a tool that can enhance your professional career and your school nutrition program. Our District Directors’ share their leadership journeys. Hear insight on how you can grow in SNA and how to cultivate SNA in your district. YOU GROW! YOU BLOOM! YOU GLOW!
Make Your Food Photos Fantastic
Chris Burkhardt, SNA Director 
You know how to take a photo, but do you know how to take the perfect food photo? Beautiful food photography can boost your department’s social media presence, promotional materials and employee trainings. Learn about the proper equipment for the job—smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras or a digital single-lens reflex camera—and glean tips and tricks that will make your photos worthy of any magazine page.